Sabrina Madison’s New ‘Progress Center For Black Women’ Is About To Change The Game


She goes by the moniker “Heymiss Progress” and now award-winning entrepreneur Sabrina Madison is putting her name to the test.

During a gathering of the Urban League in Madison, Wisconsin, the entrepreneur and motivational speaker announced the establishment of a new Progress Center for Black Women backed by a 150 thousand-dollar fundraising initiative. The goal of the center will be to construct new professional development opportunities and cooperative spaces for women of color.



#FUBU: Sabrina Madison Creates The Progress Center for Black Women

BLAVITY, October 30, 2017

Sabrina Madison, known to many by her handle “Heymiss Progress,” set out into the entrepreneurial world with one goal in mind: To uplift and help black women.

“When I left my job at Madison College I said, ‘I’m quitting to go work for black women,’” she said.

Since then, she has created several initiatives including an annual Black Women’s Leadership Conference, Black Excellence Youth Conference, and Black Business Expos. While this is amazing, her newest project brings it all together.



The Progress Center for Black Women announced

WKOW, October 25, 2017

Madison is behind The Progress Center for Black Women, a new center focused specifically on women of color. She says the center will break through existing roadblocks to success, and transform how black women access leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities.



Plans announced for Progress Center for Black Women


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)— An announcement at the Urban League Wednesday will impact the professional lives of black women in the Madison area.

Sabrina Madison, also known as Heymiss Progress announced a brand new Progress Center for Black Women and a 150 thousand dollar fundraising effort.



Progress Center for Black Women to Spark Economic Empowerment

Madison 365  

Sabrina “HeyMiss Progress” Madison announced the opening of the Progress Center for Black Women, to be housed at the Urban League of Greater Madison, at a press conference Wednesday morning.

“I left my job in March of 2016 with no plan, no goal, except I’m going to work for Black women,” Madison said.

Since then, despite that space she has created for Black women, Madison found many women continue to reach out to her for financial, professional, and entrepreneurial needs.



Sabrina Madison announces creation of Progress Center for Black Women at Urban League

Cap Times Oct 25, 2017

In 2016, Sabrina “Heymiss Progress” Madison quit her job and became an entrepreneur with a single goal.

“When I left my job at Madison College I said, ‘I’m quitting to go work for black women,’” she said.

She’s done that as a motivational speaker and social entrepreneur, creating the annual Black Women’s Leadership ConferenceBlack Excellence Youth Conference and Black Business Expos. Now she’s taking it a step further.



Black female leader spearheads new initiative to support women of color in business

Badger Herald Oct 25, 2017

Sabrina Madison, a black entrepreneur, announced her partnership with the Urban League of Greater Madison on Wednesday to house a new center providing leadership opportunities and resources for the advancement of women of color in Madison.

Known as “Hey Miss Progress,” Sabrina Madison led the vision for the center, which will be known as the Progress Center for Black Women. Madison hopes to confront disparities with unequal pay and lack of women in higher positions, according to a press release.